for homes with atmosphere

Scent is silent and invisible adornment for the home. For hundreds of years, people have been using aromatics to create an atmosphere of luxury, pleasure, and ease. Romans and Greeks perfumed their spaces with ambrosial unguents of violets, cinnamon, hyacinths, and myrrh, while inhabitants of ancient Eastern civilizations elevated their dwellings with attars and incenses of saffron, rose, and jasmine.

When you perfume your home, you are taking part in a long and storied practice. By setting out a scented diffuser from Eloro or lighting one of our fragranced candles, you too are choosing to invoke the mysterious power of ritual and turn your hours golden.

our philosophy

We at Eloro believe that home fragrance is an indispensable accompaniment to the savored life. We feel that fragrance is an art form, a part of culture as vital as art, dance, or music, and that every aspect of home fragrance should be an aesthetic pleasure. Fueled by this belief, our bespoke scents are composed from the finest ingredients, with each intending to evoke a mood, landscape, or memory. We created the multihued emanations on the packaging to symbolize the ethereal manner aromatics add color to our living spaces. The premium glass candle vessel has been custom designed in the form of an abstract floral structure, resembling a spring tulip or rose just beginning to bloom. And our diffuser glass also embodies the principles of expressive, minimalist design, as our aim at Eloro is that our wares will enhance and uplift, yet never overwhelm, your treasured private spaces.

our story

Founded by a couple with a background in the arts and fashion, Eloro reflects their belief that veiling one’s home with an enchanting aroma elevates days both ordinary and festive. Infused with the spirit of their coastal California home, Eloro’s fragrances take inspiration from sun and saltwater, from doors and windows thrown open to night-blooming jasmine and eucalyptus-scented air, as well as the cosmopolitan charms of city life. Eloro’s founders are proud that their fragranced wares can be found in the Four Seasons, The San Ysidro Ranch, and The Waldorf Astoria, and are transforming the atmosphere in the curated, creative homes of customers across the globe.